I did love colors ,
I loved the paint brush for its love to paint colors
Dark is the color
The color that makes my blood go cold
Warm nights, cold blood
In my dreams I wish for any other color apart from black
Its black that lets me see her hands
The hands of a lady i once loved
The hands that did comb my chin every night
Now this hands pluck my beards
Now this hands peel off my skin
Awake should i be?

Too Bad.

He loved a silent life
A life in which he could nurse his  heart to sleep
He loved wet on white ,
His teeth he never wanted dry of sun
This made her wonder,”Does he have 7 ribs on both sides?”
Still she did look up to her feelings
The cute face did draw her closer each day
Her pupils would glow on his sight
Yet she looked away from her
Eyes to the ground,
Scaff around his neck,
Hands in the pocket,
Marvin on his head
Was he watching a ghost step?
She did try on screaming colors
She was like, maybe he will notice this
She was wrong,
He didn’t have vuvuzela for eyes
The noise from the colors couldn’t blend with his eyes
Too bad,
She was going hard on him
A guy who did seem away in thoughts
©Blind Eye-2018
Art n Chill