Flowers make me feel like puking,

Love quotes and texts give my heart a sandpaper feel,

Couples around me make me curse the Garden of Eden

Red color reminds me of death,

With the red color,my heart goes numb,

With the red colormy lips goes numb,

Aint letting a word out,

Aint letting a feel out,

Eyes have intm them a blue,the color of the sky,

My veins are white like those of a corpse,

I did fill my baloon of love with my life,

Then i did let go of the rope holding it

I was filling the sky with my life

Hoping the sun would strike it with its ray

Yes ,i need to see it burst

To see it spill its contents

I need no comments about this,

Its my life ,the only thing i did wife

Today I do let go.


Blind eye 👁

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