I hope this finds you smiling,

I love how your dimples form when you smile,

I hope this finds you basking in the sun

The lord did let the sun shine on this day

A day many await to be showed what love is

To some its a day of roses,

To some its a day of bkankets and sheets,

To some its a day of worship

To me its a day of confession,

To me its a day of open hearts,

Hey love,

I come to you today , lips cracking and tongue blistered with words,

Words i wish to let sink into your ears

Confession i wish to let free from my heart

Today i do ask for your light

Light the candle in me

I wish to spring to life once more,

Its you I need ,nothing more

Let me be your rose

Lets dine at the shade,

Let me nurse your worries today.

I do love you dear one

Like the nose ,may we get closer n closer till we age.



Blind eye



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