He felt cold the other day

I think she didn’t answer his text,

Maybe she did insult him,

Maybe she did turn him down.


Wait a minute ,

She did freak out

Your sweet words kept her gazing at the phone, emptied her mind

All she had to do was stare blankly

She did wish to send her pic instead,

To let you see the love within her eyes,

What if you were just pulling her leg?

This i heard her ask so silently

Hey mr. i got to go, it aint fair trading her secrets


Please dont hang up on me,

Tell me more, do tell me she loves as much as I do

Tell me she got her mind full of me

A heart full of memories,memories that we did build together,




Please tell me.

Let me into her.


Tell her I do love her.


Blind eye👁-2018


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