Shine a light on this day dear one

Help me see the light within me dear one

Dear one be my rose today,

May your heart let out its fragrance

May I breathe by your heart Today,

Let me hold you by the waist

Rest your head on my chest, thats my West

Rest your hand on my shoulder,thats my East

Yes ,East or West We building a home

A home of love,where we share the love we have.


Stroke my ribcage,

Play with my novel,

I need to get aroused n laugh myself out too,

Tuck in your arm into mine,

Lets walk looking for the chill spots,

For I need you to be happy whole day

It aint only today

Today i set aside to thank you,

To remind us of the hills we did crawl from th bottom to the top together

To review the promises I once made

To remove the chaff off our love life

To heal any wound we nursing

To keep us strong for the everlasting trek together

I “wife you” dear one.


Blind eye👁-2018



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