A story of Romeo and Juliet still clings in my mind as i note this to you,

How i wish ours would also live to speak for us.

The sun has been kind to us, its rays soothing our hard times to sleep.

I hold my cup of ink close to my heart,

Wishing to spice this note to you

Wishing the ink would put my heart beats on paper

Wishing the ink would be warm to light some feelings on paper

Yes how i wish,

I got so many wishes i know.


May my ink kill the distance between you and me,

May your heart hold a conversation with your legs, telling your legs to carry you my way.

By the bridge i stand like a “love craw”,yes

I want to scare the love out of you,

Then bottle it ,to have it in my place

For i wish to listen to what the two hearts need

In a bottle,they will be all alone, to settle their differences and embrace their similarities.

Hail ink, guide me on writing the perfect love story,

A story of two who wished to live their lives together,

A story of a lover who would take a ring for her,

A story of a lover who would make his ribs seven on both sides,

A story that had two lovers grow greener hearts,

A story of a lover who cried any minute her love went missing,

A story that would live to be others dream

A story that people would not be sorry to read or hear

That story ought to be our story.



Blind eye-2018

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