I did lose myself to her,

Like a fly in a spider’s trap ,that was me in her embrace,

Her mistakes ,were mine, she was right always, i was forever wrong

But why?

She had my time, my hour’s hand i made the minute hand ,the minute hand i made second’s hand for her,

She had my time, i did lean my clock to her

I was lost in love, like a dove who had forgotten its way home


How to get my head back, i did wonder,

Was I to open my love grave, to perform incense and pour wine on my ex-girlfriends memories?

Was I to keep walking with the chain around my neck?

So many questions ,i was running a questionnaire on myself with a blank mind

What was i to leave behind?


I wish her heart was a tape,

Then i would get myself a Large screen ,

Wash my room clean,

Let my eyes fill the screen,

To watch all her moves,

To watch her love for me,

Yes, maybe i will know if she really loves.

To watch her dark secrets,

For she never says about herself,

She lets her body help her skip my questions,

She makes me feel alone in this relationship,

Loving her is like a trek in the desert with no compass.

Indeed her beauty did kill all my senses, only my eyes can set me free.


Lost in love,

Eyes on her, she got my love,

I did light a candle for us but she took it for her self,

She did light it when she felt cold,

She did light it when she needed to read from my mind,

Still she never answered

Dear eyes, help me see a way, the only way to lure her to tell me about us,

Am dying cold hearted,

Am dying in love with one aint sure of her feel.


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  1. indeed u lost in love T …..great piece and all the best in ur writing …..continue naturing this grt talent uve got ….all the best

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