I loved how the rain made love to earth,

The smell of soil after rain racing up my lungs,

I loved to see the water droplets clinging on the grass and leaves,

When rain made love ,

Sun would show up at times,

To bless the rain’s love,

To cloth it with life

Then there would be lines,

Seven lines on the sky,

Red, orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet,

On the sky the rainbow would appear,

Why did we call it rain bow

Did it have a head that longed for the tail,

That the head wished to surface with the tail?

This i never knew till now as am growing up


Growing up,

Growing up seeing the seven colors made seven my lucky number,

I craved for a rainbow in my life,

I did love the language of my heart,

It did crave for voice,

It wished to be heard,

Only my mouth would grant its wish.

I did love the itch in my fingers,

Holding a pencil it would not let go as long as my sharpener lived,

Growing up with a pencil in my hand ,I had to roll a book close

From the trees that droplets collected,

From the rainbow that i did see,

For my time ,a present i did collect,

For the love of art ,finally i did get to see


©Blind eye

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