I love it down here,

The cheering of maggots calms me

The shuffling of ant’s feet on my bones freshens me

Tell me of a place nice than here,

My room is rectangular n just enough for me,

I have a window right above my head

The walls of my room have metallic slim pillows on each side

My room is carpeted white ,i feel at peace with my room

I dont need to go to church to repent for my sins, this i do right in here,

I have a cross right above my room, i have a rosary ,i can recite the Apostles creed by heart,


The nights are so nice to me

I feel my spirits leave me to sleep ,

I wonder what it goes searching for, it brings me nothing before the sun rises,

Does it guard the flowers above me,

Does it bring some bees to pollinate my flowers,

Does he paint my cross to keep off the rust,

Does it re write my initials on top of my room,on this heavy sky above me

I wonder what it does, maybe i will ask when its back

Dear spirit dont be mad,please do tell me or promise to take me along with you tonight



I love this place,

I dont feel dead as people say iam, am just tired to roam around like my spirit

My suit is torn, i cant walk around naked,

My cheek bones are so sharp i dont want to cut anyone while hugging them

I dont want to go back to the streets where i had house,

Now ,here i have a window and a roof above me,

Keep your voices low when you come visiting,

Keep your tears in yout tummies, its time to merry bring me a bottke of wine,

Join me down here n it will be your last day up there,

Its the best place

Where you rest n be friendly to the tiny animals,

© blind eye

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