Nights spent on the tavern,

Sipping to drown my thoughts,

Trying to seal the door to my memories,

Thickening the rust within me,

I didn’t care losing myself,

Like a twig I let myself fall from the tree of hope, to let the wind take me anywhere,

The wind now doesn’t calm me,

The coins she left me keeps my table full

I had to drink till my throat caouldn’t take it anymore

I wanted to be no more.


There goes the say,”One for the road”

To me ,one wasn’t just enough

I needed enough to face the eyes of the devil

Let him hold me by the collars of my shirt,

Look into his eyes ,

Let him take me to his home,

Maybe he had work for those who had hope in them erased,

Every night, drinks were my demi god,

Singing praises to the waiter,

Yes, he did serve me well,

He did reserve a table for me,

I broke several glasses but he never let hell on me,

These dark days did seem not to end, my life did take a bend.

__(everyone out there is fighting something)

Alcohol is symbolic


©blind eye-2018


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