She did wish to turn him on,
She did wish to shoot at the stars by his side,
She wanted to fit a “them” in the love frame,
Their eyes did lock leavin her lifeless,
His scent kept her nose yearning for more, to sip in air from his nose
So she did wish to coat what comes from her mouth
She did wish to coat his heart and ears with the best feel

She did seat by the mirror for seven days,each day full of frustrations,
Each day with its color,
She did learn the art of painting her lips,
On the first day,
Blue on her lips,
She couldn’t soar to his limits.
On the second day,
Red on her lips,
His lips did go blunt trying cut a kiss.
On the third day,
Black on her lips,
His lips didn’t have a flash light, he did miss.
On the fourth day,
Green on her lips,
His lips did feel like sodom apple leaves.
On the fifth day,
Purple on her lips,
His lips did taste acidic .
On the sixth day,
White on her lips,
He did get afraid ,his lips would go dead.
On the seventh day,
He did bring her mirror down ,
Let her lips feel free to be kissed by the sun,
Then did let gloss flood her lips,
This, did warm his lips, slid his tongue into her mouth
Gloss did wake his dull art
And on the last day ,the seventh day, she did find love.

© blind eYe -2018
Art n chill

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